Crafting Cigar Barrels

On my first tour around the US Metal Crafters shop, I learned about some of the unique parts we make. One that really stood out to me as unusual was our cigar barrel clamps. These were not your typical furniture or machine part and another reminder as to how pervasive the metal crafting world is.


Cigars have been in the Americas as early as the 10th century and have become a pop culture reference hearkening back to the roaring 20’s or symbolizing a life of luxury to becoming synonymous with mobsters and politicians. Think the Great Gatsby, Scarface, and Churchill.





Cigars get their flavor through the chosen mix of tobacco leaves, wrapper, binder & filler but also the aging process. USMC makes a barrel band that secures barrels for aging, as shown above. This process was taken out of the winemakers’ book, as a unique way to influence flavor based on wood selection and the unique longer shape of the barrel is to allow for optimal space usage. While this process is not as widespread as it once was, US Metal Crafters crafts these barrel clamps for one of the last oak barrel-aged cigar makers in America. These cigars are appreciated by cigar connoisseurs for their enhanced flavors and the attention to detail, just as USMC crafts each barrel band with attention to detail and precision.

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As the newest employee at US Metal Crafters, Meredith Barnes is fully immersing herself in all things metal. Self-ascribed google search addict and chronic researcher; she’s discovering the world of metal crafting one Latte at a time. Follow along on her journey to metal here.

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