Powder Coating & Finishing Services

Our in-house Metal Powder Coating services are complemented by our Metal Fabrication and Assembly services. We ensure on-time delivery and durable, high-quality finishes for all your precision metal components and assembly needs by offering all of these services in-house.

Say goodbye to outside vendor delays and ensure on-time delivery with US Metal Crafters Powder Coating.  From design to production to finishing, we can serve all your metal needs Under One Roof.


Equipment & Capabilities

  • Heraeus PLC Infrared Gas Catalytic Powder Coating Oven
  • Custom Riveer Industrial Wash System
  • Offering the full spectrum of powder coating colors options form Sherwin Williams, RAL®, Cardinal, Tiger, and more
  • Can accommodate custom colors within days
  • Batch processing or large format capacity
  • Small to large volume jobs
  • Simple to complex
  • Samples as requested
  • Also offering standard wet paint line


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  • Powder Coating Oven
  • Metal Powder Coating
  • Powder Coated Parts

Powder Coating Services

Our Powder Coating Oven

  • 3:1 Rule For every 3 mins to cure a part in a convection oven, it only requires 1 min in a Gas Catalytic Infrared oven. Our powerful Heraeus PLC Infrared Gas Catalytic Powder Coating Oven is cost-effective and designed for industrial powder coating with a large drying capacity that is three times faster than traditional powder coating ovens.


Environmentally-Friendly Wash Process

  • Is ensured through our custom closed-loop EPA Compliant Rivver Wash Booth. Our wash process provides operational efficiency, process reliability, and enhanced part cleanliness meaning your parts will have a durable and consistent coating application every time.



Full Spectrum of Standard & Custom Coatings

  • We have a large variety of in-stock colors to select from brands such as Sherwin Wiliams, RAL, Cardinal, and Tiger and can have additional colors in stock within 24 hours. Custom colors sourced in days.