At US Metal Crafters, we are a premier provider of metal fabrication solutions to companies throughout North Carolina and beyond. One of our core services is powder coating, which we implement alongside our fabrication and assembly capabilities to ensure on-time delivery of complete metal parts and products. With our extensive experience, a vast powder coating material inventory, and a cost-effective powder coating oven, our team has what it takes to handle industrial volume, long-run powder coating jobs involving simple to highly complex components.

What Makes Our Powder Coating Services Unique?

Powder Coating Services in North Carolina

US Metal Crafters provides powder coating solutions to customers across North Carolina. We have the expertise and equipment to meet virtually every customer’s high-volume powder coating needs. Some of the elements that distinguish our powder coating services from the competition are:

Our Cost-Effective Powder Coating Oven
We use a Heraeus PLC infrared gas catalytic oven for our continuous powder coating line. It is specially designed for use in large-volume industrial powder coating operations. While convection ovens require three minutes to cure coated components, it only requires one minute. Its superior curing speed translates to increased cost-effectiveness.

Our Eco-Friendly Wash Process
We utilize a custom Rivver wash booth that is closed-looped and EPA-compliant for our wash processes. This equipment ensures efficient operations, reliable processes, and clean parts while minimizing the generation of wastewater. As a result, our customers receive components with consistent and durable coatings, and we reduce our facility’s environmental impact.

Our Broad Selection of Coatings
We maintain an assortment of powder coating color options from reputable brands, including Cardinal, RAL, Tiger, and Sherwin-Williams. Additionally, if a customer requires a custom color, we can source it from a trusted supplier within a few days.

Why Partner With US Metal Crafters for Powder Coating Services?

Looking for a powder coating service provider in North Carolina for your next project? US Metal Crafters is the ideal partner. By working with us, you benefit from our:

  • Extensive powder coating services. We offer powder coating solutions for various components, ranging from simple to complex, in large-scale production volumes.
  • Sampling capabilities. We can provide samples upon request to help you verify which powder coating material is right for your project.
  • On-time delivery guarantee. We have everything we need to complete powder coating operations in-house, so we do not have to worry about missing deadlines due to outsourcing delays.

Our powder coating capabilities are often used to support our other service solutions. Altogether, they allow us to handle the entirety of a metal fabrication project, from design to production to finishing. Check out our capabilities and services page to learn more about what we can do for you.

US Metal Crafters: North Carolina’s Premier Powder Coating Company

US Metal Crafters offers a broad range of metal fabrication services to customers in North Carolina. Whether you require powder coating or another service, we will deliver on-time, high-quality results. For additional information on our powder coating and finishing capabilities, contact us today. To partner with us on your next project, request a quote.