Press brakes are specialized tools that bend sheet metals into precise parts for a wide range of applications. As these tools have evolved, electronic press brakes in particular have emerged as the most popular type because they offer a high degree of accuracy, safety, and speed. Learn more about the functions, common applications, and benefits of using electronic press brakes for machining projects.

What Are Electronic Press Brakes?

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Electronic Press Brakes

A press brake applies force to a sheet metal, which is set against a die. With enough pressure, the workpiece conforms to the shape of the die. Traditional press brakes use mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic forces.

Recently, manufacturers have increasingly relied on electronic press brakes. These presses have electric motors that convert high-powered rotary motion into linear motion, which presses the workpiece into place. The electric motor is only engaged when the brake is pressing down on the workpiece. Otherwise, the motor automatically powers down, allowing for safer operations and less energy consumption.

Electronic press brakes also use roller or ball screw systems to optimize production. In place of lubricants, the recirculating balls reduce friction when the ram is driving down and increase the total load capacity of the machine.

Uses of Electronic Press Brakes

Manufacturers can use electronic press brakes to produce components for a wide range of consumer, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. Electronic press brakes can bend small, complex, or multi-piece parts. Some factors that affect the end product include the size of the die, the punch, and the bending force the press can generate. Even the metal substrate makes a difference, as various metal compositions and thicknesses determine the degree to which a workpiece can bend.

Some of the most common applications of electronic press brakes include:

  • Airframes
  • Artwork
  • Automotive panels
  • Furniture
  • Metal containers

Benefits of Electronic Press Brakes

Electronic press brakes are an increasingly popular choice for manufacturers and their partners due to their versatility, safety, and consistency. Here are some of the key benefits of using electronic press brakes.

  • Accuracy: These press brakes can consistently ensure sheet metal workpieces conform to the necessary specifications of the final design. This is essential for producing precision parts that fit within a larger assembly or when working with expensive materials.
  • Speed: Electronic press brakes are fast without sacrificing quality. Thus, operators can quickly run through production cycles, increasing their profits and capacity to take on jobs from larger clients.
  • Energy efficiency: Electronic press brakes automatically power down their motors when they are not in use, saving energy throughout the production cycle.

Electronic Press Brakes From US Metal Crafters

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