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Why American-made Matters?

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At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, America realized just how much the dependence on overseas manufacturing comes at a high cost. With the recently imposed tariffs on Chinese imports and manufacturing cost changes, many Americans have suffered from delayed shipping and difficult product sourcing on account of relying on imported goods.




The pandemic caused a huge breakdown in the supply chain and fractured relations between USA and China. This made it difficult for companies to produce products, and to know whether these products were deemed essential or not.  To add to this obstacle, shipping products to warehouses and customers proved to be an issue. Because of transport cost and delays, manufacturers had to order much larger volumes at once to fill complete containers and to keep their manufacturing running.  It is not unusual for companies to order a six- or 12-month supply at once.

Due to transport costs and shipping delays, companies realized that domestic products had fewer supply chain issues and the customers they serve were less effected. This realization led to the re-ignited interest in domestic products.  To which, according to the 2017 Reuters survey, “70 percent of Americans think it is “very important” or “somewhat important” to buy U.S.-made products”.

Here at US Metal Crafters, we have always believed in the value of American made products and manufacturing. We believe American made products are the priority, and companies who invest in domestic products experience fewer supply chain disruptions allowing their customers to feel little effects.


And if a company can obtain the product geographically closer at a competitive price, there is an advantage. The products arrive in the consumer’s hands faster and design changes are implemented faster based off demand.

We give the customers something to rely on with American-made metal fabrication and place importance on “American made” for our brand. By doing this, we are constantly ensuring that our products are quality, reliable, traceable, and dependable.



Quality Assurance


Americans perceive quality as extrinsically valuable, and we, as Americans, want products we can trust.  Purchasing American-made products means purchasing a product that is “naturally better” at doing the job. Companies have full control over the manufacturing process from materials used to constructing the product. The total oversight of the manufacturing process creates a quality product that cannot be matched by outsourcing.

As customers demand tighter tolerances, better consistency, and higher overall quality in their components, sheet metal fabricators must invest in more advanced control tools and technologies for their operations to remain competitive. Quality assurance is an essential part of US Metal Crafters’ operating process. US Metal Crafters employs computer-controlled manufacturing and inspection systems, and we are fully committed to ensuring the quality of our products and processes. As part of this commitment, we have implemented the use of InspecVision’s Opti-Scan 3D—to verify our finished components meet all applicable customer and industry standards.




Products are easier to re-stock if made in America because manufacturers do not have to rely on long shipping times and costly rates. Shipping in a container from Europe or China can add months to the delivery time. Over the last 5-6 years, the cost to bring a container in from Europe has risen from around $5,000 to closer to $25,000. And they must pay upfront.  With a US vendor, they can often order on a month-by-month basis.

A big part of the equation for customers is delivery. At US Metal Crafters, we know that making the product is only one part of manufacturing, and lead time is a factor in managing complex supply chains.




Should there ever be a concern, we can trace back to the source and figure out a fix quickly. As an American manufacturer, US Metal Crafters finds it easier to maintain relationships throughout the supply chain and provide an incredible guarantee on all projects.





It’s easier to stand behind American-made products, and the “American made” label creates value by representing American values such as: work ethic, freedom, and strife to be the best.

American businesses and workers are the backbone of our nation, and keeping manufacturing here helps maintain our economic independence. So, when you buy or support American-made products, you are supporting the recovery of manufacturing, which yields economic and job recovery.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that American made is valuable and matters. And US Metal Crafters will continue to create value in American-made manufacturing and metal fabrication through quality, reliability, and traceability.

If American-made also matters to you, contact us to learn more about the benefits of American metal fabrication and manufacturing.




As the Marketing Manager at US Metal Crafters, Meghan Caulder is learning everything to know about metal fabrication. Self-ascribed google search addict and chronic researcher; she’s discovering the art of metal crafting one click at a time.  Follow along on her journey as she forges her way into the manufacturing world.
















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