Roll Forming Services

US Metal Crafters offers Roll forming, also spelled rollforming services from our North Carolina manufacturing facility with delivery throughout the USA and Internationally. Each operation involves a custom set-up, prototyping for approval and then the full run(s) of finished custom profiled parts/materials. We know delivery timelines are critical and schedule production based on your needs.

equipment & Capabilities

  • 15 Roll formers ranging from:
    • 1” shaft- 8 stands
    • 2.5” shaft- 16 stands
    • 14” wide- 14ga
    • 12” wide- 8ga
  • Up to 7 in line stamping press stations
  • Ability to make roll forming dies
  • Light to heavy gauges of various materials
  • Short to VERY long parts +/- 12”-40’
  • Flying cut-offs for fast production


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For more information on US Metal Crafter’s custom rollforming services, please see the information below or contact us for a detailed proposal or to discuss our capabilities.

Roll Forming Services

Roll Forming for Metal is a type of rolling involving the continuous bending of a long strip of sheet metal, most often coiled steel, into a desired profile/cross-section. The strip passes through sets of rolls mounted on consecutive stands with each set performing an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section (profile) is obtained. Roll forming is ideal for producing constant-profile parts with long lengths and in large quantities.

  • Roll Forming - Flower Pattern

Roll Forming - Flower Pattern

A variety of cross-section profiles can be produced, but each profile requires a carefully crafted set of roll tools. Design of the rolls starts with what is commonly called a “flower pattern”, which is the sequence of profile cross-sections, one profile for each stand of rolls. The roll contours are then derived from the flower pattern profiles. Because of the high cost of the roll sets, computer simulation is often used to develop or validate the roll designs and optimize the forming process to minimize the number of stands and material stresses in the final product.

  • Metal Roll Forming Lines
  • Metal Roll Forming Lines

Metal Roll Forming Lines

Roll forming lines can be set up with multiple configurations to punch, shape and cut off parts in a continuous operation. For cutting a part to length, the lines can be set up to use a pre-cut die where a single blank runs through the roll mill, or a post-cut die where the profile is cutoff after the roll forming process. Features may be added in a hole, notch, embossing, or shear form by punching in a roll forming line. These part features can be done in at virtually any point throughout the roll forming process. Some roll forming lines incorporate only one of the above punch or cutoff applications, others incorporate some or all of the applications in one line. The specifics of each line will be determined based on the optimal process for each custom application.