Services and Capabilities

US Metal Crafters is an American owned and operated business, committed to offer you the best customer experience in the metal stamping, fabrication and roll forming business. We provide this to you by ensuring you a quality product with dependable and fast service. Capabilities include Metal Stamping (simple and progressive), Roll Forming, General Fabrication and Assembly services.

metal stamping and bending.jpg

Metal Stamping

Our stamping services are usually custom designed and configured based on the customer’s needs and specifications. Our stamping services can be simple or progressive in order to provide you with the end product that you need.

Parts Assembly


Our team of seasoned assemblers can handle virtually any needed functions. We can also up-scale quickly to meet demands for large capacity jobs and quick turnaround schedules.

roll forming

Roll forming

Each roll forming operation typically involves a custom set-up, prototyping for approval and then the full run(s) of finished custom profiled parts/materials. We know delivery timelines are critical and therefore schedule our production times based on your needs.


laser cutting

Our ISO compliant facility features an advanced laser cutting system with multiple configurations. Our team of seasoned professionals can create parts of numerous geometries with typical lead times of 2 to 4 weeks while being very cost effective.



Our fabrication services, in general, include the building of metal parts through cutting, bending, and assembling processes. These processes are performed using specialized equipment, expert laborers and/or multiple machine operations.