US Metal Crafters Partners with US HobNob

Brings Industrial & Commercial Products to E-Commerce

US Metal Crafters has partnered with US HobNob to bring you standardized industrial and commercial products that we manufacture on an e-commerce platform.

We are excited to partner with US HobNob, providing a platform for consumers and buyers to purchase products made here in the United States through a simplified online process. Shop current product offering including a large variety of ducting accessories and components. 


HobNob Gives You Direct Access to Premier Metal Manufactured Metal Products:

  • Ready for install
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Dependable delivery
  • Credit Card or Pay by Invoice

Current Product Categories Include:

  1. Ducting and ventilation components
  2. Ducting accessories
  3. Manual and automatic gates and valves
  4. Special solution products for ventilation


US HobNob

“With over 50 years of combined manufacturing experience, we are 100% committed to ensuring you a quality product, delivered quickly at a fair price. Think the kind of quality service and attention to detail a dad would give when working on their kid’s car. That’s what you get when you HobNob with us.” -US HobNob